Although presently few microenterprise organizations commune in the social entrepreneurship space, social entrepreneurship field views the microfinance institution (MFI) as a quintessential social enterprise and sees its leaders as some of the world's most formidable social entrepreneurs. From early on practitioners implemented MFIs as a mission-centric vehicle by which to achieve wide-scale sustainable social impact.

Today, leaders like Mohammed Yunus are working to build relationships between the parallel, yet separate, communities of microenteprise and social entrepreneurship. Significant gains made by the microfinance industry in developing methodologies; spurring innovation; achieving scale, replicating globally, and nurturing second and third generations of microfinance innovators and entrepreneurs, offer many valuable lessons to build the nascent field of social entrepreneurship.

International microenterprise organizations that have begun to participate in social entrepreneurship forums and practice include: MEDA, TechnoServe, Grameen Foundation, Freedom from Hunger, Pro Mujer, CARE, Unitus, Accion International, Mercy Corps, Aid to Artisans, and Conservation International, among others.