Mobilizing Resources to Achieve Deeper Impact


  • Promote resource mobilization strategies that inherently increase stakeholder engagement (e.g. volunteerism instead of financial donation; or charging a fee-for-service to increase commitment and value perception).
  • Seek resources that facilitate or enhance stakeholder engagement (e.g. access to communication infrastructure, prime retail location).
  • Become part of the mainstream consumer, business and investment community in order to engage them in becoming stakeholders in your social problem.


  • Divest or stay away from resources that risk hindering stakeholder engagement (e.g. sponsorship from some corporations might alienate social stakeholders; some public funding might unduly restrict interacting with market stakeholders).
  • Be wary of a one-size-fits-all resource mobilization strategy (e.g. charging a fee-for-service across the board) as it might prevent poorer clients from being served.